The gasps of a decaying State

Det finns en växande revolutionär MLM-rörelse i Brasilien. Tidningen Ny demokrati rapporterar om detta. De har nu börjat översätta en del artiklar till engelska som finns här.

April, 2017

Although the so-called “end of the world” has not been widely publicized, it is already possible to assess the panic that takes over the swamp that constituted the Brazilian political system.

Facts, very emblematic ones on the sinking of the three rotten powers of this republic mimic, have occurred in recent days. First was the meeting, recorded in a sketchy picture of Michel Temer, by the executive, Rodrigo Maia, the Chamber of Deputies and Eunice Oliveira, the Senate, both heads of the legislature and Gilmar Mendes, minister of the Supreme Court, treating, in the best Mafia style, the overcome of the political crisis that threatens to trample the whole rotten political system with its caciques, bosses and majorals, as well as all the acronyms of the single party. Another was the “barraco”(quarrel) staged by Gilmar Mendes to disqualify the Public Prosecutor’s Office for the leakage of statements and also the threatening to challenge the testimonies and the bribe he received from Janot who, without mentioning the name of the nominee, qualified him as a diner in the Groups of power.

These dealings are old in our political history. In the middle of the last century the journalist Aparicio Torelli with the irreverence that characterized him, making fun of the endemic corruption in Brazil, proposed: “Either morality is established or we all profit together.” In fact, we have never had one thing or another, since the concerted pacts in brazilian politics, because they are extremely casuistic, postpone the establishment of morality and guarantee joint profit only for oligarchs and high-ranking bureaucrats, at the expense of the taxes paid by population.

The difficult task in the hands of the troupe is to be able to deceive the Brazilian people in the next elections that will be held in 2018. Even harder is to find the formula that can free them of the crimes imputed by the operation “Lava-jato” at the same time that guarantees Its election in the next staging of the electoral farce.

Proof of the bankruptcy of the government political system as an expression of the decomposition of the old State, once again the proposal for a political reform is launched as a panacea. This time calls for an emergency reform based on closed list voting, according to which the voter instead of voting for a candidate, will vote in a list drawn up by the mafia of the acronym of the single party, without being able to indicate which is of his preference . This proposal was rejected by 90% of its excrescences, when presented a little more than a year ago, now, in the face of suffocation, the parliamentary nobles are in agreement to the closed list vote since childhood.

Gilmar Mendes, a friend of Temer’s for thirty years, says that the major issue is to separate money from candidate, ie the money will flow, but not linked to the candidates. In addition, it proposes the creation of a fund of about five billion reais for the public funding of campaigns.

It is possible that they find a formula that contemplates the majority of the congressional quackery, however, they will hardly contemplate the great mass of the already angry electorate mass and still even more resented with the unlimited schemes of these scoundrels that every two years applies the vicar’s tale to him.

The communications monopolies, with Globo network ahead, are already rehearsing their research aimed at directing the will of the electorate, however, its scheme will not prevent repudiation of the electoral farce. Nor will it help the barracks “vivandeiras”(supporters of armed forces in politics) with their reactionary discourse of “moral rearmament” to present themselves as saviors of the homeland, even though through outraged fascist ones like Bolsonaro, nor the electoral opportunists demanding their bureaucratic “developmentalism”, to once again stage the farce their tragedy. Will not flourish.

Unlike the proclamation of the Republic staging , in the words of Aristides Lobo, “the people witnessed surprised”, this deception prepared by the collusion of the powers of this coarse republic will not go unpunished. The mass protest will take, by different means and forms, a dimension never seen in our history and will face the reactionary civil war in which the country is already immersed. The popular masses learning how to defend themselves in this confrontation will launch the right bellicosity to impose their interests.

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  1. Carlos

    Intressant! Kul att dom översätter så att vi som inte förstår Portugisiska kan läsa vad som skrivs av kamraterna


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